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Fic: "One Word, and That Was Dead" - complete - 1-14 (SPN/House, MD + others - see chapter guide)

Title: One Word, and That Was Dead
Author: ellequoi/Xin Yi
Fandoms: House, MD; Supernatural; short scenes involving Joan of Arcadia, Chuck, Heroes, Nurse Jackie and Daria
Rating: T
Warnings: spoilers up to House episode 6.02 "Epic Fail" and
Supernatural 5.14 "My Bloody Valentine", chance of character death (to reveal whether this is the case or not would spoil it!), House acting sexist and racist (as he does), mild violence
Summary: Dean contracts a demonic virus and comes to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital on Sam's coaxing, a case for which... Cuddy lets House off clinic hours? Divine intervention must be involved.
Very slight Huddy, far closer to Gen. Drama, Humour. ~64,000 words.
Disclaimer: I neither own nor profit from my use of these characters or universes.

Skipping ahead to get a look at your favourite fandoms shouldn't cause you too much confusion, and I promise not to be insulted (this is probably the longest House/Supernatural fic out there), so go for it.

Chapters (now with dialogue! play the "Whose Line is It?" game today - try it before reading for double the points!):

1. “I called ahead.”
2. "You stole a cane from a cripple?"
3. "It's a demonic virus forged in the pits of hell."
4.  “At least one of these people is knee-deep in crazy, and I'd like to see who.”
5.  “Enough word-hugs."
6. "If I don't hear the word 'demon' again for a year, it'll be too soon."
7.  "So why were you in, uh, Castiel?" South Park - Dean & Cas discuss a case from Colorado (not tagged because it's just a brief mention, no characters show up)
8. "Why does he have a picture of a ball of twine, anyway?"
9.  "Now, I thought we could work through some roleplay."
10. "I am drunk. Did you know you're wet?" Joan of Arcadia, Chuck
11.  "Did you push me off the bed?" Heroes, Nurse Jackie, Chuck (House talks to one of Casey's men)
12. "Everyone's Dan Brown these days."
13. “Sam may be an affront to nature."
14. "You need to keep a better leash on your doctors." Daria

Sheesh, 7 to 11 make me look like a liar when I said it was gennish. House/Cuddy are not even the ones saying those lines.
Comments/reviews can be posted here, but if someone bears an unbreakable grudge against FF.net I suppose I could start using my actual LiveJournal to post this behemoth.
Tags: -supernatural, .fanfiction, gregory house

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